The VestingTokenFactory works as a beacon to proxy contracts that will delegate their logic to the VestingToken contract. This smart contract also acts as a manager for the fees collected by VestingToken transactions.

Implements and Inherits

  • Ownable: to allow access to write functions.

  • IBeacon: to interact with the BeaconProxy contracts.

  • IFeeManager: to store and provide information for the fee.



Necessary for the IBeacon. Has to point to the VestingTokenFactory deployed implementation.


Unvest DAO can set the Protocol Fee to any value between 0% and 5%. This function ensures that the Protocol Fee cannot exceed 5%.


This function allows the Protocol Fee to be set to 0%.


Exposes in a single call the current feePercentage and current feeCollector.

// Returns:
// struct FeeData {
//     address feeCollector;
//     uint64 feePercentage;
// }


For accessibility, this is a shortcut for IFeeManager(managerAddress).feeData().feeCollector


For accessibility, this is a shortcut for IFeeManager(managerAddress).feeData().feePercentage


  • underlyingToken: address of the ERC20 that is associated with a deployed VestingToken

Since mistakes can be made when deploying a new contract, a malicious individual could deploy one, or the ERC20 just needs multiple Vesting strategies, the contract stores all addresses of deployed VestingTokens and maps them to the underlyingToken's address.


  • newFeeCollector: the new address that will be collecting VestingTokens.

Only the owner of this contract can call this function.


  • newFeePercentage: the new fee percentage that will be charged on VestingTokens' transfers.

Only the feeCollector can call this function.


  • name (string): name of the ERC20 that will be created.

  • symbol (string): symbol of the ERC20 that will be created.

  • underlyingTokenAddress (address) : address of the ERC20 that is being locked in the new VestingToken contract.

  • milestonesArray (Milestone[]): array of the milestones that will describe the release behaviour of the new VestingToken contract.

The contract is initialized with a name, symbol, the address of the underlying ERC20 token, and an array of milestones that describe the rules for releasing tokens.

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