Token Utility

The UNV token plays a crucial role in the Unvest ecosystem as a means of powering the app and paying for access to advanced features and services. Fees from vestingToken and liquidLock trades on all projects are routed towards Uniswap UNV buyback and burn, and burning UNV tokens is also the payment method for the enterprise feature of waiving all vestingToken and liquidLock fees for a given token. In the future, UNV may also be used as a means of payment for accessing other Unvest services.

UNV token staking and farming

In addition to its utility, the UNV token also offers staking and farming opportunities for holders. By participating in UNV staking pools, users can earn rewards in the form of UNV or other tokens.

By holding and staking UNV, users contribute directly to the stability and growth of the Unvest ecosystem.

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