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Max Supply

1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) tokens, minus burned tokens sent to x000 as the result of buybacks and fee diversion.

Supply breakdown

PercentageToken AmountPurposeRelease at TGEVesting ScheduleIssued as vestingTokens
21.5%215,000,000Community rewards #10%Varies
19.96%199,600,000Team0%18 month cliff, then 5% per month, linearNone
4%40,000,000Ecosystem0%9 month cliff, then 8.35% per month, linearNone
15%150,000,000Partnerships/Strategic0%12 month cliffNone
14%140,000,000Community rewards #20%Varies
1.4%14,000,000Angel round5%12 months, 4 quarterly instalments
4.44%44,400,000Seed round5%12 months, 4 quarterly instalments
10.5%105,000,000Private round7%9 months, 3 quarterly instalments
2.5%25,000,000Launchpad30%90 days, 1 quarterly instalment
6%60,000,000Uniswap V3 poolN/AN/AN/A
0.7%7,000,000Initial Uniswap V2 poolN/AN/AN/A

Team tokens

Team UNV tokens have been locked with the Unvest V2 app. Vesting progress and token outflows can be viewed at the following links:

All UNV locks (ethereum mainnet)

Unvest | View Token Locks

Team token allocation

Unvest | View Token Locks

Team recipient wallet and token claims/outflow

Unvest App | For Projects