Cost, speed & reliability

Without the right tools and resources, companies often face significant challenges when launching a token:

  1. Hiring a developer to create the token, which can take several months and cost thousands of dollars
  2. Paying for the development of supporting infrastructure like dashboards, staking and liquidity farming
  3. Engaging an audit firm to review the smart contracts, which can also take several months and cost tens of thousands of dollars
  4. During vesting, distributing funds to investors on a regular basis, which can be costly, error-prone and time-consuming
  5. Investing in marketing efforts to prove trust and legitimacy, which can also be expensive

As a result, many companies end up cutting corners in order to save time and money. However, this can leave them vulnerable to bugs in their contracts and rogue team members, leading to scams and hacks.

At Unvest, we want to help companies grow faster by providing affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible infrastructure. Our platform simplifies the process of launching and managing tokens, making it easier for companies to build trust and succeed in the web3 space.

Permissionless, secure & resilient

At Unvest, we believe in transparency and decentralization. All of our smart contracts are publicly available and permissionless, meaning that anyone can access and use them without the need for prior approval. This also means that we never have custody of user tokens.

If Unvest’s contributors were to ever cease operations or face censorship action, all tokens and functions would continue being available in perpetuity via direct interaction on chain. This ensures that users retain full control over their assets and can continue to use the app and its features without interruption. We believe that this level of decentralization is essential for building trust and providing a secure and reliable platform for our users.