Keep in mind that if your token exists on multiple blockchain networks, there will be separate pages for each network on the Investor Dashboard.


The Home page of the Investor Dashboard is the first page that investors will see when they access the dashboard. It is automatically created the first time a user deploys an Unvest service using their token. The Home page has its own unique URL, and the navigation is segregated from other projects to ensure clarity for investors.

We recommend linking to this page from your project’s website so that users can easily find it. The page is also branded to match your project’s native web dashboard, making it feel like a seamless extension of your project. As you deploy more Unvest services, more panels will be added to the Investor dashboard, giving investors access to even more information and functionality.

Claim tokens

The Claim tokens page is where investors can view their personal allocations and claim their vested tokens. This page allows investors to track their vesting progress and claim their tokens as they become available.\

View LP Locks

The View LP Locks page allows investors to view any liquidity locks that have been deployed and interact with any liquidLocks that they may hold. This page provides a clear overview of an projects liquidity locks, including the amount locked, the lock duration, and their share of the lock balance (if applicable).\

View Token Locks

The View Token Locks page allows investors to view all vesting rounds, including the total supply held by all wallets, rather than just their own wallet. This information is valuable for investors who want to understand the total supply and circulating inflation over time.\


The Staking page is where investors can see and interact with all staking and farming pools. This page provides a comprehensive overview of an investor’s staking and farming investments, including the amount staked, the reward token, and the total rewards earned. Investors can easily claim their rewards or withdraw their stakes from this page.