When choosing a token management platform, it’s essential to find the right fit for your project’s needs. In this comparison, we’ll put Unvest and PinkSale side by side, analyzing their features, user experience, pricing, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Token Vesting✅ Wrapped vestingTokens for increased flexibility✅ Basic tools, limited customization
Liquidity Locks✅ Wrapped liquidLocks for enhanced composability✅ Standard liquidity locks
Token Minting
Staking/Farming Pools
Self-Service Platform
Multisig support
PricingFree0.1 ETH per service, per chain + additional fees based on tokens sold
Security & ReliabilityZero exploits since 2021 launchUnclear security history
Custom Branding

Token Vesting and Liquidity Locks

Unvest sets itself apart with its innovative token vesting system. By employing wrapped vestingTokens that are composable ERC20 primitives, Unvest offers users greater flexibility and control. Furthermore, this approach enables users to trade wrapped tokens OTC via Unvest’s illiquid market website. For liquidity locks, Unvest uses wrapped liquidLocks, enhancing composability and flexibility.

On the other hand, PinkSale provides more basic token vesting tools and standard liquidity locks, lacking the ability to create entirely custom vesting schedules or trade locked tokens.

Pinksale includes a built-in token launchpad, while Unvest’s tools are compatible with all third-party launchpads.

Token Minting and Staking/Farming Pools

Both Unvest and PinkSale offer token minting services, allowing users to create and deploy tokens with ease. Unvest and Pinksale also provide staking and farming pool functionality.

User Experience

Both Unvest and PinkSale have self-service platforms, which means users can access and use their services without going through a screening process.

Integration & Compatibility

Unvest supports multisig wallets like Gnosis Safe, ensuring better security and collaboration. PinkSale does not specify whether they support multisig wallets.


Unvest’s core services are free, with charges only for premium features such as hosting on a custom domain. In contrast, PinkSale has fees for various services, including token minting and creating launchpads. Pinksale charges upwards of 0.1 ETH per service, per chain, with additional fees based on tokens sold.

Security & Reliability

Unvest boasts an excellent security track record, with zero exploits since its launch in 2021. As for PinkSale, no major security issues have been reported.

In addition to the security aspects mentioned above, it’s worth noting that PinkSale’s launchpad front-end has been known to display dubious projects and scams that have been launched through the platform. This includes multiple fake ChatGPT tokens, which raises concerns about the thoroughness of PinkSale’s vetting process and the overall trustworthiness of the projects they support.

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a token management platform, as it can impact your project’s credibility in the eyes of potential investors and users.


In conclusion, Unvest offers a more comprehensive and flexible token management platform compared to PinkSale. With its innovative approach to token vesting and liquidity locks, as well as support for staking and farming pools, Unvest provides a powerful solution for projects seeking advanced features and customization options.