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Multisender FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the Unvest multisender.
What is a Multisender?
A multisender is a tool that helps users send large amounts of ERC20 tokens to thousands of addresses at once. It streamlines the process of sending tokens by batching transactions and automating the process through MetaMask and other wallets.
What does Unvest Multisender cost?
Unvest Multisender is a free tool that enables users to efficiently send large amounts of any ERC20 token to multiple addresses in a single transaction. The only fees associated with using the Multisender are network fees (also known as gas fees)
How long does it take?
The time it takes for a batch transaction to be processed using Multisender depends on the current gas price and network congestion. Typically, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the transaction to be processed."
Is there a maximum limit to the number of addresses or tokens you can send?
No, there are no restrictions. You can send unlimited tokens to as many addresses as you wish.
What are the gas costs compared to sending tokens manually?
The gas costs for using the Multisender are typically lower than sending tokens manually. This is because the Multisender batches the transfers into a single transaction, which is more gas efficient than sending each transfer separately. However, gas costs can vary depending on network congestion and the current gas price. It is always a good idea to check the gas costs before using the Multisender or any other DApp.