Tax Tokens

Tax tokens are a type of ERC20 token that are designed to impose a fee on every transfer of the token. This fee is typically used to fund the development or maintenance of the token, or to support a particular cause or organization.

If you want to use tax tokens with the Unvest multisender feature, you can either whitelist the disperse address from the initial transfer, disable the transfer tax at the token level, or send an increased amount to compensate for the built-in tax.

NetworkAddress to whitelist
Arbitrum One0x692B5A7eCcCad243a07535E8C24B0E7433238C6a

Rebase tokens

Rebase tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that adjusts its supply based on predetermined rules, such as changes in the value of an underlying asset. When sending rebase tokens, it is important to ensure that the transaction is completed at the correct time and not during the rebase window, when the token’s supply may be adjusted.