Using Vesting Tokens as reward token for a pool

To encourage staking and prevent an increase in the circulating supply of your token, you can use the Unvest Staking Pool Creator to create a pool with a vestingToken as the reward for users who stake. This vestingToken will be locked until a specific date in the future, at which point it can be claimed by the staker. By using Vesting Tokens as rewards, you can encourage staking without immediately increasing the circulation of your token.

Using Vesting Tokens as the staking token for a pool

To encourage users to lock their tokens into Vesting Tokens or join a fundraising round, you can create a pool where a vestingToken is the staking token. This means that users need to acquire the vestingToken in order to participate in the pool. By requiring the use of a vestingToken as the staking token, you can encourage voluntary token lock-up and avoid immediate inflation of the circulating supply.

Using locked LP tokens (liquidLocks) as the staking token for a pool

To create a more powerful farming pool, you can use a liquidLock token as the staking token for the pool. This allows users to earn rewards while their liquidity is locked long term and unable to be withdrawn immediately after exiting the staking pool.