The Staking Pool creator is accessible from the Project Dashboard under the “Staking Pools” tab.

How it works

To create a staking pool, users must specify a pool name, an end date, the staking token, the reward token, and the total rewards. Participants can then join the pool by staking the specified token. When the end date is reached, the rewards will be distributed to the participants based on their contribution.

Staking Pool Parameters:

  • Pool name: a name for the staking pool
  • End date: the date when the staking period will end and rewards will cease being distributed
  • Staking token: the token that will be staked in the pool
  • Reward token: the token that will be distributed as rewards (this can be the same as the staking token, or a different token)
  • Total rewards: the total amount of rewards to be distributed throughout the duration of the staking period