Creating ERC-20 vouchers that can be converted to your native token post-launch using Token Creator is a simple process that allows you to issue a “burner” token before your TGE that can be moved and traded freely.

This burner token can then be redeemed at a later date when your token is launched through a portal that allows for 1:1 redemption for your actual token.

Here are the steps to create and redeem these vouchers using Token Creator:

  1. Go to the Token Creator page and connect your wallet.
  2. Enter the name and symbol for your burner token.
  3. Set the initial supply to the total number of burner tokens you want to issue.
  4. Click “Create Token” to deploy the burner token contract to the blockchain.
  5. Once the contract is deployed, you can distribute the burner tokens to your users by transferring them from your wallet to the user’s wallet.
  6. You can issue one Burner to all recipients, or different burners for different VCs and relevant parties.
  7. When your native token is launched, set up a portal that allows users to redeem their burner tokens for your native token. This can be done through a partial fill sell order on Illiquid, where users can sell their burner tokens in exchange for your native token.
  8. You can choose to have the redeemed tokens be fully unlocked or issued as vestingTokens, which will unlock on an identical schedule to allocations that did not originate from Burners.
  9. Once the redemption process is complete, users will be able to claim their native tokens or vestingTokens from your project dashboard.

By creating and redeeming ERC-20 vouchers in this way, you can give your users the opportunity to trade and hold your burner token prior to your TGE, while still allowing them to easily redeem it for your actual token once it is launched.

This can help to increase the liquidity of your token and build hype and interest prior to your TGE. Just be sure to clearly communicate the redemption process to your users to ensure a smooth experience.