To use WalletConnect with Gnosis Safe to create and manage vesting rounds and Unvest services from a multi signature wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Safe apps section of the Gnosis Safe Web interface.

  2. Open the WalletConnect Safe app.


  3. In a separate browser tab, open the Unvest app (

  4. In the Unvest app, select “WalletConnect” as the connection method.

  5. Copy the QR code or URI displayed in the Unvest app by clicking “copy to clipboard” or taking a screenshot.

  6. Paste the copied data into the input field of the WalletConnect Safe app.

  7. The connection should be automatically established.

  8. Go back to the Unvest app to trigger transactions. These will appear in the Gnosis Safe transaction list, where they can be signed and executed like any other Gnosis Safe transaction.

  9. You can identify WalletConnect transactions on the transaction list by the “WalletConnect” label.

Using a multi signature wallet like Gnosis Safe can provide an extra layer of security for your Unvest services and vesting rounds. By requiring multiple approvals for transactions, a multi sig can help prevent unauthorized or accidental actions from occurring.