This documentation will guide you through the process and explain how you can use vestingTokens to provide a vesting schedule for your launchpad participants.

Because vestingTokens are ERC20 tokens, they are trivial to use with any system that supports ERC20s, such as custom software/contracts used by Launchpads.

Mint your launchpad allocation of vestingTokens

Before you can use vestingTokens with an external launchpad, you will need to mint them. To do this, navigate to the “Vesting” page on the Unvest dashboard and select the “Create New Vesting Round” button. Follow the prompts to mint your launchpad allocation of vestingTokens.

When you are asked to enter the addresses and balances for the vestingTokens, make sure to supply the address provided by the launchpad. This will ensure that the vestingTokens are sent to the correct address, which will be either the launchpad’s wallet or their custom dapp.

Increase the amounts to account for the 2.5% fee

Remember to increase the amounts of vestingTokens you are sending to the launchpad (and the amounts they are on-sending to investors) to account for the 2.5% fee that is built into the ERC20 vestingToken contract. This will ensure that the launchpad participants still receive 100% of the tokens after the 2.5% fee.

To increase an amount by the necessary percentage to account for a 2.5% fee, you need to multiply the original amount by 1.025974026. For example, if you wanted to send 100 units of a token and wanted the recipient to receive 100 units after the 2.5% fee was taken, you would need to send 102.5974026 units.

Use the launchpad’s infrastructure to on-send vestingTokens

Once you have minted the vestingTokens and sent them to the launchpad, they will use their infrastructure to on-send the tokens to the launchpad participants. This will allow them to receive the benefits of vestingTokens, such as transferability and the ability to claim their tokens from your project dashboard once they have vested.

Use a longer unlock schedule and cliff

The use of vestingTokens also allows you to justify a longer unlock schedule and cliff for your launchpad participants. This is because they will still be able to trade their vestingTokens on platforms like Illiquid, even if they have not yet vested.