If you distribute liquidity locks up front, there will be no transfer fees. However, if you move them later, there will be transaction fees incurred.

By using this feature, you can distribute your locked tokens among multiple wallets instead of having them all go to a single wallet by default. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as distributing tokens among team members or departmental multisigs, distributing tokens among community members or investors, or reserving some tokens for use as staking rewards.

To access the distributed lock feature, simply click the “Spread the lock among multiple wallets” button on the liquidity lock page. From there, you can specify the distribution of your locked tokens among the wallets of your choice.

We hope that this feature will give you even more flexibility and control over your locked tokens, and we look forward to seeing how you use it in your projects.

Team Members or Department Multisigs

This can be useful for spreading risk and ensuring that the lock is not held by a single entity. By distributing the lock among multiple wallets, you can ensure that the risk is shared and that the lock is not overly reliant on any one individual or department.

Community Members or Investors

Spreading liquidity ownership can be useful for creating a sense of ownership or engagement within your community, and can also help to distribute risk among multiple parties.