If you have multiple vesting rounds with different schedules, you can set up each round individually by repeating the process of setting up a vesting schedule with unique settings and recipients.

Round name & symbol

Each round must have a unique name, and cannot be named later.

Start date

Set the start date, which is the date that vesting begins and tokens become claimable. The start date can be in the future or, in rare cases, the past. It is usually best to set the start date to the current time and complete your distribution on launch day.

Initial Unlock

Set the initial unlock, which is the percentage of unlocked tokens that will be immediately claimable at the beginning of vesting. The initial unlock can be zero or any value below 100%. Typical ranges are 1-30%.


Milestones have a date, an unlock percentage, and a ramp increase (step or linear).

You can create as many milestones as you like to build your ideal vesting schedule. With these three parameters, it’s possible to create any vesting schedule imaginable.

Cliff - a period of time where no vesting occurs, usually at the start of a schedule. Create a cliff by adding a second milestone with the same unlock percentage value as the first milestone. You can have multiple cliffs.

Linear vesting - tokens vest gradually every second, and users can claim at any time. Create linear vesting periods by creating two milestones with different unlock percentages, set the second milestone to use the linear ramp increase. You can have a single or multiple linear instalments.

Installment vesting - a schedule where unlocks occur in lump sums on specific dates. Can be a single or multiple instalments. Use the step ramp increase.

Mix and match - you can create a single schedule that uses any desired combination of cliffs, linear vesting periods of different rates, and installments.

End date

Set the end date, which must be 100% and represents the final milestone.

Saving and using schedule templates

You can save and use your schedule templates by storing them on your wallet address. You can save multiple templates. When you restore a template, the current start date will be used.

AI Schedule Editor

To save time, simply describe your vesting schedule in a single sentence, and our AI will generate it for you. Once created, you can make any necessary edits and adjustments.