There are no fees for projects using the vesting feature on Unvest.

However, a 2.5% fee will be deducted from each on-chain transfer of vestingTokens (locked tokens sold during vesting). This fee can be removed (set to zero) for Enterprise users. This fee does not apply to your initial token distribution and only applies in cases where one user transfers their still-locked tokens to another user.

The wrapped token transfer fee does not apply to locking tokens, or claiming tokens during/after vesting.

As of Unvest v3, end users will now incur protocol fees for making claim transactions. These fees are calculated as a percentage of the total gas cost of the transaction (e.g., if the gas fee on Ethereum is 5,5, 1 of ETH will be directed to the protocol wallet). Unvest v3 contracts have been optimized for better gas efficiency compared to v2, which should keep the overall cost of a claim transaction approximately the same.