You can see their position size, the amount of tokens they have claimed, sold, or transferred, and get a better understanding of your overall vesting distribution. This dashboard is constantly updated and accessible at any time, making it easy to stay informed about your project’s vesting status.

While the dashboard can be accessed publicly, investor names are kept private and confidential. Name data is only accessible to the wallet or multisig that created the distribution - it is encrypted and stored off-chain.

Edit names

To edit the nickname of an investor in the table, simply select the cell containing the current nickname and enter a new name. The changes will be saved automatically.

Locked transfers

This column in the table shows the net change in the number of vestingTokens held by the wallet. If the value is positive, it means that the wallet has received more vestingTokens. If the value is negative, it means that the wallet has lost vestingTokens. This can be due to a variety of actions, such as transferring vestingTokens to another wallet, or selling vestingTokens on the market.

The value in this column reflects the net change in vestingTokens for the wallet, taking all of these actions into account.